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I met Ruth Lordan 20 years ago through a good friend. She recommended a reading with Ruth because she claimed she was so accurate. Being a skeptic, I was leery. It eventually went and was surprised by her accuracy. If what she told me did not relate to 'now,' it certainly would relate later for me. She taught me to be open for 'signs' that would help guide and educate me for my life experiences yet to come. Ruth is an excellent life coach as well. I have becmoe more intuitive to my surroundings. These lessons have enabled me to make better decisions in my life. I have booked her talents for parties and all have been a raving success. I have witnessed her accuracy with colleagues that I've introduced Ruth to. She's an amazing woman and a visit with her is an amazing experience. I truly recommend you meet Ruth and judge for yourself.

— Diana Solomon, Production Coordinator, Sunday Night Football, NBC Sports

There are people who claim to be psychics and then there is Ruth Lordan. She is the LeBron James of psychics — the best there is.

— Bob Sansevere, Sports Commentator

Ruth is a spiritual advisor. I've known her for over 10 years. Every time I've reached out to her, not only is she accurate with current life but just as accurate with future. She gives straightforward advice and is the best psychic advisor I've been too. I recommend Ruth to all of my friends and personal training clients.

— Melissa Hall, Fitness Trainer, Spokesperson and Model

I just wanted to thank for the insightful readings I have had over the year. It's amazing how she could pick up on my habits and traits without us communicating verbally at all. She's absolutely amazing! Her reading gave me a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time, and I know I am on my way to complete healing. I never expected to get so much insight in only 30 minutes.

— Dan Peterson

I've known Ruth for 20 years and have used her to help me through good and bad times. She has always given me a peaceful state of mind after talking to her. She is not just a psychic; she is a life coach. Ruth is accurate and gives you specific details like dates, names, what a house may look like, what and where a new job will be, etc. to help you navigate life with educated information for the best future possible. While Ruth cannot prevent some things from happening to you, she can help you prepare. Thank you Ruth!

— D. Reisdorfer

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