Meet Ruth Lordan

Ruth Lordan is a fifth generation plus natural-born psychic based in the Twin Cities. Her professional experience spans more than 50 years. She started doing regular readings as a child and realized her gift of insight and psychic vision could be used to help clients navigate their path and find answers.

Ruth studied philosophy at University of Illinois in 1966-70. In the past, Ruth has been based in Chicago, New Orleans, Malibu and Beverly Hills. Currently based in Minneapolis, Ruth can conduct readings via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime.

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  My goal has always been to provide clients with a perspective that would give them food for thought and an experience that would 'turn them on' to further growth. I seek to open the doors of perception through the heart and soul so we see in a way that enables us to achieve an outcome better suited to peace, love, and harmony for all.  

— Ruth Lordan

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