Events & Appearances

Ruth Lordan is available to perform at business and social events:

  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Private parties
  • Workshops and seminars

She has presented various seminars and workshops, including the following topics:

  • Turn Stress into Success
  • Intuition Vision (a simple way for creative thinkers to access that creativity at will)
  • Psychic Communications - Animals,People and All Sentient Beings
  • True Psychic Healing Power

Ruth also makes regular appearances at

The Medina

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  My goal has always been to provide clients with a perspective that would give them food for thought and an experience that would 'turn them on' to further growth. I seek to open the doors of perception through the heart and soul so we see in a way that enables us to achieve an outcome better suited to peace, love, and harmony for all.  

— Ruth Lordan

Psychic Readings